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HPC Publishing,
Highleigh Pound Cottage,
Highleigh, Chichester,
West Sussex PO20 7QP       Phone   01243 641361     

She will no doubt also be able to give you info on Gwen Reading's book, she and Gwen are long-time friends who have kept in touch since their Bawdsey days.

RADAR REUNION BREAK commencing 14th June 2004

Full details of this four days of trips around East Anglian old and still in service radar stations with board and evening entertainment at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton on Sea, Norfolk. can be found by ringing 01502 730345 or emailing  Please quote 'RADAR' on any enquiry. Tariff is 188 per person for four nights inclusive of all trips etc, or if you want to make a week of it starting on11th June 2004 the cost is 326 per person.

(Thanks to M.J."Henry" Cotton for the above info)


The Annual Luncheon has will be organised by the Bawdsey Radar Association in future. See their website for details. 


I am indebted to 'Henry' Cotton for sending me a TV news clip on CD of the official closing down of RAF Bawdsey.  It has an interview with the CO, a lowering of the flag with a parade of about twenty airmen and a few shots of the 'Stables' and the interior of the Manor. In the past 'Henry' has also sent me other clips that have appeared on local TV since he still lives in the area.  If anyone wants copies then send me a CD (Don't bother with the jewel case) and a SAE.  Email me for postal address. Ray Shakeshaft

DID YOU SERVE IN CONFLICT? ....a self explanatory email from

Dear Ray,

We're sorry to bother you with this special announcement but we really do need your help.

We're desperately looking for people who have served in a conflict, whenever that may be and has seen action from a first-person perspective.

Modern young men and women appear to have a very glamorous view of war and the FOX/CNN/SKY news footage beamed into their bedrooms may not offer a reliable perspective of what it is like to fight in a war.

Share your experience of conflict with a new generation

We would like to ask about your experiences of conflict and advice for a younger generation keen to enlist. We'd also like to include a photo of your (preferably then and now).

If you would be willing to give your side of war - good and bad -then we'd love to hear from you - please drop an email to our team at or call on +44 (0)20 7691 3939. Rest assured that we respect your privacy and won't release your details without your complete approval.

We really help you can help or know someone who can - please get in touch on the above number or email if you can.

Kind Regards,

The Team

6th August 2004.

The 'Restoration' TV series and the 'final' on Sunday 8th Aug. 2004.

By now most of you will be aware that whilst The T Block at RAF Bawdsey did well to make it into the final it did not win but nevertheless the Bawdsey Radar Group intend to press on trying to restore the T Block so that future generations will be able to see and understand a little more about the first operational radar station in the world. John McCue who writes the BRG page on this website, will have more to say on this matter in the near future.

Thank you to all those who voted for the T Block.

( Ray S. 13th Aug 2004)

Health and Radar.

Our paths must have crossed at some time, I was at Bawdsey 1955-56, I'm wondering if we can get a message on your "Bawdsey Web Site" to get members to e-mail a chap called Alastair Macdonald who has a Group on "Friends Reunited" called "Anybody Work On or Near Radar In The RAF In The 50s and 60s?" He's researching possible long term health problems ex-service personal may have with long exposure to radiation.
Regards, Howard Martin (SAC Radar Mech).

Calling all Bawdsey Air Defence Operators from Nigel Woodger.

I started ithis site in March 2009 for Air Defence Operators - Aero Space System Operators, My site is :
All we ask is that on registration people use their full name as they were known whilst serving, as their Username. We have 166 members at present and over 600 photographs in our gallery, and well over 1200 posts in our forum.
Kind Regards 
Nigel Woodger

If this applies to you please support Nigel's site.

Ray. 25th Aug. 2009.